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Have you ever felt trapped, lost or stuck... like your whole life doesnt seem like your life anymore , but rather a crappy TV show that keeps replaying the same episode over and over again?And you dont live anymore , you just exist. Well that is how i felt for the last 4 years  or so. I have been lost and things seem to be getting worse everytime rather than good, and everytime i try to make things better something comes in the way and burns my attemps to the ground. The last 5 weeks, i have been trying to understand what is going on and why everything is the way it is. At first I blamed people. I thought about everything everyone close to me did wrong and I am where Iam now. The truth is I always did that. I thought of why do I have to pay the mistakes everyone else made. I kept getting mad at them and angry, until I realised that it wasnt getting me anywhere and it actually caused me more problems. I repeated In my head, all the events  in my life, over and over. After alot of thinking and many realizetions I came to understand that my biggest enemy was actually myself. IAm the one that have been preventing me from succeeding and do things I wanted to do and mostly being happy. I came to realize that although i have faced many obstacles in my way, i didnt try to tear them down, but i let them be and used them as excuses, so I wouldnt try. Why did I do that? Well again after  a Lot of thought I got my answer. Because I was scared. I was  scared and I didnt trust myself.I was scared of big changes and me having to deal with them, and i was scared of failure and maybe succees too. Because I havent been very good with myself and i didnt really believe I was strong enough or good enough to make my dreams come true. Having said that, Iam turning the page. I am starting over , and I promised to myself and to you that you are reading this right now, to never give up. I know propably there going to be bad days and propably even horible ones on the way. But i promise not to give up. Noone should give up on their dreams and I hope you wont either. I promise to stop looking at all my flaws and focuse on everything good i have. Most of all I Promise to forget the past but not the lessons I learned and forgive myself for the mistakes I made and that i didnt love me as much as I should Have.On my Starting over list was creating a blog , and that is what Iam doing now. I will share my thoughts but also staff like books,music, diys and even recipes And a lot of other staff too. It is something I wanted to do for a long time and so I am doing it now, and i hope that you stick with me. (Also my mother language isnt English, so excuse any mistakes I make :-) ) 

P.S. "But even if we dont have the Power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there." - The Perks of Being a Wallflower


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Meet the Author
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