DIY: Yogurt Face Masks

There's nothing better than making your own masks for your skin,they cost  almost nothing and the products that are needed are mostly from your kitchen so you don't have to worry about any chemicals or anything like that, plus they are super easy to make! Yogurt masks are highly beneficial for your facial skin, due to the lactic acid and an alpha hydroxy acid that it contains , it helps smooth dry skin and prevent premature aging.It also helps remove dead skin and give a fresh youthful look. Also if you get sunburned there's nothing better than some yogurt to help you cool out ;)

These two yogurt masks are very simple and for all skin types:

1.  In the first one use one tablespoon of yogurt and kernels of 10 almonds, mix them together , apply it for 25 minutes and remove it with water.

2.  The second one contains one tablespoon of yogurt and a tablespoon of honey(if you have dry skin add one more tab/sp of honey, and if you have oily skin add some lime) , heaten upp the honey for a little bit so it softens up and mix it with the yogurt,apply it for 15 minutes and remove with water.!

xoxo -Daniella


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