Don't be a maybe.

A few days ago I was walking down the street and saw a piece of paper in the ground that said : "Don't be a Maybe", and it got me thinking.What exactly does this phrase mean? My answer to that question is to not be doubtful of yourself . That you should not say that maybe I 'll try this or maybe I'll do that, but actually do that . Aristotle once said "We are what we repeatedly do excellence therefore, is not an act , but a habit" ( The guy must have known something). So if you continue to tell yourself that this might happen or that if this changes you maybe do that, that is going to be your habit (and we don't want that).That is why we have to forget our fear and not say maybe but say that we are capable to do this and we start now, with small steps to reach our bigger goal.I always believed that people set they're own horizons , so it's time for you to draw your line and not be a maybe.


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Meet the Author
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