I heart this Series: SMASH!

 A thing about me is that  i am a huge TV junkie (amongst other addictions of mine:books,music,quotes) , but I have watched so many series during my time on earth, that now i get rarely excited about a show. And then SMASH happened and it not literally smashed my world! I love musicals and broadway  and all the drama in them and this series is just sooo good, the music the musical numbers, the cast. I have to admit i didnt love the end of the first season but I loved the begging of season 2 and i have to say it might be even a little better than the first season, and it seems to be heading to a good direction.I dont know if you watch Glee because i watch it, and although i really liked it at first it became boring later, Iam refering to Glee because a lot of people compare these two shows, and really the only thing alike is that they are musical shows.Aside to that I think that Smash is way better.
The series is about a group  of people that want to put up an new Broadway mucical about Marilyn Monroe. The creative team is conflicted about two rising stars Karen and Ivy, on who should portrait Marilyn. While everyone faces difficulties in their pesonal life and how it affects the musical.


Debra MessingDebra Messing...
 Julia Houston (28 episodes, 2012-2013)
Jack DavenportJack Davenport...
 Derek Wills (28 episodes, 2012-2013)
Katharine McPheeKatharine McPhee...
 Karen Cartwright (28 episodes, 2012-2013)
Christian BorleChristian Borle...
 Tom Levitt (28 episodes, 2012-2013)
Megan HiltyMegan Hilty...
 Ivy Lynn (28 episodes, 2012-2013)
Anjelica HustonAnjelica Huston...
 Eileen Rand (28 episodes, 2012-2013)
Leslie Odom Jr.Leslie Odom Jr....
 Sam Strickland (25 episodes, 2012-2013)
Wesley TaylorWesley Taylor...
 Bobby (23 episodes, 2012-2013)
Savannah WiseSavannah Wise...
 Jessica (17 episodes, 2012-2013)

IMDb:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1825133/


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