Recipe: Homemade Concentrated Lemonade

Summer is here, a time for sun,beach,laughter,friends,vacation and a cool Homemade Lemonade!!
This recipe is for concentated lemonade, which means you a 1/3 of your glass of the lemonade you made and 2/3 of water.

400ml. Fresh Lemon Juice (you have to squeeze lemons, not the bottled lemon juice)
400gr. Sugar
200ml. Water

Add the water and the sugar in a sausepan and stir until the sugar dissolves, let it cool.
Squeeze the lemons (you will need  400ml of lemon juice) and add  it on the sugar syrup that has cooled off.
Pour the lemonade in a bottle and place in the fridge.
It is now ready!

Cooking Playlist:

The Most beautiful Soundtracks- No 2


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Meet the Author
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