Smash: Series Finale

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Spoilers ahead(dont read until you watch!)

      I watched a couple of hours ago the 2-episode finale of the series Smash, and I have to say I was in tears by the end.I believe they wrapped up the show in a perfect way, giving everyone a great ending. I loved the beginning of the episode because all the main cast came together and sang, and the ending duet between Karen and Ivy was fantastic too. I was so happy That Julia and Tom finally reconciled their partnership, and that Julia ended up with Micheal Swift (surprise!). I was extremely happy that Ivy won the award (because lets be honest she deserved it, not that Karen isn't awesome). I didnt like that Stupid Daizy won best supporting( hate that bitch) but I was glad that Derek finally did the right thing, specially now that Ivy is pregnant.Of course Bombshell had to win Best Musical(I mean the whole series was practicly about it :P) and although Hit List was uncredible too, it just felt right for Bombshell to win for many reasons. And i got tears when Kyle won for Best Book and Jimmy accepted it(So sweet!! and sad at the same time!!) . The main reason though for which i was crying at the end  of the episode is because that was the last episode of the whole series... and I just love it too much! It has been my favourite series of all time and it is hard to think that it ended only after two seasons due to low ratings... I mean what the hell do people watch nowadays?There are shows like  The secret life of the american teenager that has been running for 5 years!! (Come on, this show is horrible! ). Anyways theres a group in Facebook that tries to Save Smash and find another network to produce the show(I 'm not so sure if it will work, but lets give it a shot) I will post the link below along with the interview of the executive producer of Smash , Josh Safran, in which he talks about how would season 3 would be.
      Let me know what you thought of the season finale.Did it meet your expectations? Was there something you would love to see and didn't? Did you like the Tony winners? Share some love and leave a comment!!
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