Turning 20, turning a little bit wiser.

I am turning twenty years old today and in my twenty years upon this earth, I have learned a handful of things about life. One of them is that you should not have expectations. You should not expect anything from people or life , not even yourself. Because with expectation , quite often comes disappointment , and that will only slowly drown you. What you can do is smile, work hard, be the best YOU can be and truly live with no regrets. Because life is too damn short to do otherwise. And like Buddha said : "If we don't expect anything, we have everything."


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Meet the Author
Film student, blogger and chocolate addict, currently in search of big adventures! Moved from Greece to England to chase something. I adore french cinema, vintage style and anything related to chocolate and cinnamon. I blog all the things I love and don't. xxxx Daniella