Enviromental Day: Beach Pollution

   Today is the National Enviromental Day, and I would like to talk about a serious problem (one of the many ) that we have caused to the enviroment, which is the polluted beaches and oceans. I chose this topic to discuss, because firstly it's summer now and beach is the place to be (not if it is full of garbage) and secondly because I live in Greece, and as you all well know Greece is a country full of beaches and islands and is the pefrect destination for summer holidays. But it came to my notice that alot of beaches that are more approchable by people who live in the city and cannot go to spent their summers in a holiday destination (islands) either work or more likely because they cannot afford it (economy crisis man..) , are full of garbage that people have left. That makes me sad and mad! Firstly, you cannot enjoy in the beach with all this filthy staff lying around everywhere and secondy IT IS BAD FOR THE ENVIROMENT! A lot of these bags and cans and plastics  won't disolve for a very long time (years time!) and they end up on the ocean where pour sea animals often either eat them, anaware of what it is or get tangled up on it , the result? They DIE! You should be ashamed if you don't pick up your trash! Is it really so hard to bring a plastic bag with you put all your garbage in it and through the bag in the trash can near by?Don't be lazy! My father taught to care for things like this since I was a little. If I dared to through something elsewhere than the trash can I would get detention. You should teach children to care about things like that too. It is very sad to see young people and children not caring about the enviroment and the animals we harm.

     Also you could participate in vollunteering to clean the beaches near you. There a lot of organizations that lets anyone who is willing to participate. Or gather some friends and do it with them. Then you can some fun too. A good idea is to put a beautifully written sign on the beach that would let know the people to not through trash everywhere, it can be something funny or with a picture or drawing, so it can get the attention of those who will pass by it. There are a lot of things you can do.

     To sum up , what did we learn today? (more like reminded)

  • Stop being a lazyass and be more active.
  • Pick up your own garbage. Trash -- > Trash Bag-- > Trash Can (See how easy it is :)
  • Sea animals and Birds can die from your sandwich wrap.
  • Join a vollunteering group to clean the beaches or get together with friends.
Even if you start by not throwing trash all around the beach is a good step! Be active ! The enviroment needs us! Do small things, recycle, use recycled products and ECO friendy. Anything small you do is BIG in results. Keep Positive and
Have a Beautiful Day! 

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