Favourite New Arists : Vol. 1

   This year I have found a lot of new artists in the music industry and I would love to share them with you, you might know them maybe not I just hope you enjoy it. Because music feels the soul :)

Nina Nesbitt

They call her the female Ed Sherran, and I can't argue with that.She actually played in one of his music videos Drunk, as Ed's love interest (that dumped him... I suppose). She scored her first major hit single with "Stay Out" in April 2013, when it reached No 21 in the UK charts. Check her out:

Jake Bugg

He is propably my favourite new artist. He's style reminds me of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash. H e recently released his self-titled album , which I find incredible.My favourite songs of his are: Broken, Two finger, Note to yourself. Check him out:

Ella Henderson

You propably know Ella from the X-factor UK last year, in which to everyones suprise , she didnt win. Anyway.. Ella is an incredible 17 year old singer and songwriter. She reminds you of Adele but in her own special way. She recently release a rough demo of her song "Waiting" which is amazing. I cannot wait for her album!Check her out:

Ivan & Alyosha

They are an indie/folk band from Seattle, Washington. They released their first album in February/2013. Their name is taken from Dostoyevsky's The brothers Karamazov. They are very good, you should definetely check them out! Specially if you like folk-indie music( ex. Mumford& sons). Check them out:

Megan Hilty

If you watched Smash, then you propably know who she is. She played Ivy the girl who resembeld Merilyn Monroe a lot. She released her debut album recently It happens all the time, it has some covers from other artists and some originals. It is toned down from her performances in Smash, but still good.Megan is incredibly talented!Check her out:

Joe Brooks

I found Joe, 1 year ago in youtube with his song Superman, and I instantly loved him.His new album/EP , The boy & the Broken Mashine ,Came out on the 1st of June (which I ordered ;)) and besides the great cover and name, Joe seems to have become even better than his previous work. You will love his single Till my heart stops beating(it's so addictive).He's style is pop ,but the good kind ;) Check him out:

Let me know what you think, and if you have some favourite new artists share them in the comments below :)


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