Summer Series: How to enjoy you day at the beach

This is the first part of my Summer Series, in which I will talk all things Summer, enjoy!

Going to the beach is the THE thing to do during the summer but a lot of times we don't make the best of it due to various reasons. But I am here to help you how to have the best time , so keep on reading!!

1. Sun Protection!!!  One of the most important issues that turns our beach time to a Bitch time , is that we don't protect our skin from the sun. I know you want to get tanned, but you can do it safely. Here are some reasons on why you should protect yourself (if you dont already know):

  • Extreme unprotected Sun exposure can cause dizziness and faintness.
  • Sun can harm your skin, and increases the chances of skin cancer.
  • With sun exposure, skin can grow older earlier. 
  • Brown  "freckles" will appear all over your body

So here is how you can prevent all of the above (if you dont already know):

  • Wear a hat. The hat will protect your head and face (which are exposed more than any other part of you).  There are  a lot of fashionable hats out in the market that you can find. 
  • Sunscreen. The sunscreen is the most important part of your protection. You should use a sunscreen with protection AT LEAST SPF 30. And apply it very well and lots of it. A lot of people don't apply enough of it and they end up not even getting the SPF protection of the sunscreen.
  • Don't stay under the sun for too long. The average human body stops producing melanine after two hours of sun exposure. So the endless hours getting cooked under the sun will not get you more tanned rather than baked.

2. Relaxing music and a good book. If you go by yourself to the beach take with you a nice book and some good music. Those two will make you enjoy your time a lot more.
(I will post my playlist and booklist for the summer later on ;) )

3. Hydration. Don't forget to bring with you a bottle of water and something else to drink if you wish to. Hydration is really important during sun exposure.

4. Sea. You don't go to the beach just to get tanned, you go to enjoy a good swim as well, just keep that in mind ;)

5. Flattering Swimsuit. Take some time to decide the swimsuit you are going to buy because not all of them suit all body times and they might be disfunctional too (!)

6. Good Company. If you don't like going to the beach alone, bring good company along, fun won't be hard after that!

7. Enjoy & Relax. Leave all the stress, bad thoughts and worries at home. They will be there when you get home. Going to the beach is meant to free you from these tings for a while and help your mind and body to rest.

I hope that was helpfull! Leave in the commends below your idea of a great time at the beach! Till next time !


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