Summer Series: How to treat a sunburn

If you havent been very careful with protecting your skin from the sun you propably have been sunburnt. Here are some ways to treat your sunburn:
If you got badly sunburnt and have skin bubbles on your body, these will not work. Get advice from your doctor.

Get a gold shower. As cold as you can.
Apply yogurt or olive oil. If you dont have any creams specified for sunburns, these two things can help your skin a lot at this time and you propably already have them.
Apply uncooked potato or melon. These are other two home remedies for burnt skin.
Apply thermogel or cream for sunburns. After you have available a special cream apply it on your skin.
Dont expose your sunburnt skin to the sun. For at least a week.
Be careful next time. Always apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30,and lots of it.

Thanks for reading , let me know what you use when get sunburnt! Till next time!!


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