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Hello Lovelies!! I hope everyone is alright ! I haven't posted in a while. That was because I was quite busy with a lot of staff that was and still is happening in my life.
 The story is this, a long time ago I dreamed of going in England. Not just to visit, but study and live there. I cannot say for sure when I decided that I wanted to do that, but I know i wanted it for as long as I can remember. One of the reasons I believe I wanted to study abroad is that I never really felt ''at home'' at home, i don't thing I was really myself there. Thoughout my teen years, everyone I told what I wanted to do, mocked me. They told me there's no way you will go there, or  that I will hate it, that I cannot do it. I can understand some of their opinions, the money problem was an issue all along,  but still I wanted it.
After my graduation from high school, I thought  I would be going to study abroad, but that didnt work out the way I wanted to. Family dissagrements and other factors made me stay starting to think that I might have to study home after all. 

The next two years are propably the most deppressing ones I have had so far. I didn't socialize at all, I did not know what to do with my life and how to move forward. After a year I broke up with my best friend, it hurt me a lot. It is weird how life makes a turn. One day you talk with your best friend about buying houses next to each other, the next one you awkwardly say hello when you run in to her on the street, like total strangers. Though it was hard, i realised that was the punch I needed to wake up, to realise that life goes on and you can't force against it. So I  picked my self up and decided that I will go to England no matter what.
After a summer job, three panic attacks, and a lot of troubles I took my first flight ever to England.

The day I got The flight to England, I was terrified. I was scared like I've never been before. I cannot say why  exactly but I was. Throughout the four hour flight I tried to keep myself occcupied so I will forget the anxiety that was taking over me. A little before we landed something happened, someting that I will never forget in my life. The plane was flying above the matress of clouds that hug England, and suddenly it started flying down to land. Flying through the clouds, makes the anticipation increase. As soon as you got through them you know you are in England. And I knew that I made it. 

Obviously nothing is a faitytale. Me coming here doesn't mean that I can rest now. Every new begginng is full of new difficulties and new wonders. But that is the exciting thing about life. We should always strive to be the best we can, fight the best way we can, dream the best way we can, see fear and fight it the best way we can. Because as its said , you will regret more the things you did not do that the things you did do.


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Meet the Author
Film student, blogger and chocolate addict, currently in search of big adventures! Moved from Greece to England to chase something. I adore french cinema, vintage style and anything related to chocolate and cinnamon. I blog all the things I love and don't. xxxx Daniella