DIY Room Decoration

Either you live at home or at University Halls, all students are on a budget, so here's a cute and affordable way to decorate your room!

What you need:

A square piece of cupboard as big as you want your decoration to be.

Wrapping Paper

Colourful cupcake paper forms


How to:

You wrap the piece of cupboard with any kind of wraping paper you want. It can be white or colourful or with designs. Then you sellotape the cupcake forms in the cupboard in any way you please. You can either do it ike in the picture or create squeres or circles or the first letter of your name, and voila! Then you can put some bluetag and stick it on your wall or use sellotape once again! 

Hope you like it! Share  & Comment for more DIY's!


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Meet the Author
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