Mayan Hot Chocolate Recipe - Chocolat (2000)

Hello beautifull people! Today I am sharing with you a recipe (rather two recipies) inspired by the wonderful film Chocolat (2000) . If you haven't seen it,let me incourage you to do so. It is a wonderful film, with an incredible cast.

I will share two recipies, the one is the easy/fast one for when you want to get a quick fix of chocolate. And the other one is a bit more complicated but still easy to make and worth it!

Recipe N. 1


Two Spoons of  drinking chocolate
(I use Cadbury's Hot Chocolate)

A bit of cinammon

A bit of chilli powder
(Mayan secret!Don't  be afraid to try it!)

3/4 of mug milk

1/4 of mug boiling water


Add in your mug the chocolate,cinnamon and chilli powder and mix them. Pure the boiling water on the mug and mix it with the chocolate.  Hit the milk in a sausepan until its hot but not boiling. Pure the milk in the mug and mix some more! The chocolate is ready!! If you wish you can add whipped cream on top and some cinnamon!

Recipe N. 2


2oz. of Bittersweet Chocolate or Mexican chocolate

2 tbspoons of sugar or honey

A bit of cinnamon

A cup of milk

A bit of chilli powder


In a sausepan add the milk,chillipowder and cinnamon and bring to boil. Cut the chocolate into small pieces. When the milk starts to boil (bubbles appear) add the chocolate and sugar or honey and stir until chocolate is melted and everything is mixed.  If you want you can serve with whipped cream and cinnamon on top.


Cooking Playlist:

Chocolat Film Theme Song
Into my Arms - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
The About Time Theme Song
How Long Will I love You - Jon Boden, Sam Sweeney,Ben Coleman
Mad Sounds- Arctic Monkeys


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