Things That Make Me Happy - Photo Challenge

Peter Pan Statue.

  Hello lovelies!!! I hope you had an extrordinary Christmas and New Years!! 
This is my first post this year and I hope I'll manage to stick to my NY resolution - to post more things this year. My other NY resolution is to post pictures of Things That Make Me Happy . It is like a photochallenge that I was inspired by one of my good friends. During this year , I will post one or more pictures every week of things that make me happy. The reason I am doing this challenge is because I want to remind myself when I am going through my 'phases' (You know what 'phases', everyone goes through them- sadness, pityness of ourselves, ''There's no tomorrow'' etc phases.), that there are hundreds of small things in my life that fill it with joy.

This week I am posting a picture of the Peter Pan statue, which I visited a couple of days ago.  For many people who visit London for the first time vsiting the Peter Pan statue isn't first on the list (many don't know it exists), but this was my first thing must see, because Peter Pan holds a special place in my life. The statue is located in Kensington Gardens, and it is worth visiting. For the inner child in all of us, for those who do not want to grow old and for those who fairytales mean a bit more.

 So this is my challenge of the year. I dare you to do the same, or maybe something like this. There are a lot of Photo Challenges in the internet that you can try. If you do the same challenge or another one let me know , i'd love to see what makes you happy!

“To live will be an awfully big adventure.” 
― J.M. BarriePeter Pan


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