New Look, Blog updates and Back to Uni!

Hello lovevly world of the internet! Haven't written in a while, feels good to be back! As you can see or may not see if you're new here, the blog has changed its look! When I started this blog I loved the Dynamic views templete option Blogger is offering but as some of you may know it's a very challenging option and very restrictive towards personalization. Now Blogger as a whole is restrictive in that departement and I believe I speak from all us bloggers out there that we would like some updates and more options to be given to us, as it seems Blogger hasn't had any updates in a while. Anyhow, I was concidering transfering to Wordpress but decided to stick with Blogger for the time being as I have gone used to it, but we'll see what happens.
How do you fine the new look? Did you like the other one better? Let me know, I'd love to hear from you!

As the content goes, I'd like to post more frequently as I've realised that I've missed posting, something that actually took me by suprise. As I am sitting here, in a chilly English morning sipping my cup of tea, I have figured that there are a lot of thoughts and things I'd like to talk about, that are swirling in my head but never get out there. Where better place to expres my thoughts than here? Anyways, Uni starts quite soon, and I am very excited as I will be co-directing our Film societys' next film and that's terryfying and exciting, and I'd be posting about the process.

There something else I have given a thought on and that is starting doing some videos, probably on Youtube, not quite sure of the content yet, but I want to practise more with filmmaking and I thought it would be the perfect way to do that. Let me know if you have any suggetions!

If you want to check more film related stuff and my short film go to my other blog -
Talk to you sooon!


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Meet the Author
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