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Dear beautiful readers,

As you can tell from my previous post I am very excited for Uni to start again. I have to say last year was one of the best (and worse) I've had so far and came to understand why they say that uni years are the best ones of your life. I had some downs obviously, cause life is a bitch sometimes and nothing is perfect, but thats alright cause I'm still alive, the sun suprisingly is shining in the UK today (kind of) and I can't wait to get some more of the uni disasters this year. To celebrate my excitement I decided to write down a few advices for the little ones starting university this year, the FRESHERS! Here  are some things that you  may or more likely not follow.


Duhh  you would say but a lot of people find hard to mingle in a strange enviroment full of weirdos, And that is ok. But don't forget everyone feels this way and at uni everyone is a weirdo.Besides fresher week is the best opportunity to make friends. Just go out there and talk to as many people as you can. Start with the basics -Name,Studies etc and then you'll see it flow. Talk with your flatmates (you're going to leave with them for a year at least be friendly if they are not your type, i happened to get awesome flatmates *TC19 Shoutout*) talk with fellow students of your department so you can bond over your studies, talk to foreign students, they can tell you some pretty cool things about their culture. And enjoy it, trust me its fun and that's coming from a loner.


After you make tons of buddies you set out to enjoy 7 days of drunkness, lost keys and broken phones (that's my first year right there) and that's great please do so, but let me give just a small tip, be careful with your spending... Yeah I know its freshers week, you need to go out, buy stuff blah blah. The thing is by the end of November (if not sooner) you'll realise what life as a student means to your wallet. I know people that managed to spend £500 the first week alone, that's crazy money! It's great to have fun but not to spoil it, you do need to start thinking about things like that. I would advise you to make a budget of how much money you want to spend for the freshers week and try to stick to it, you never know you might need the extra cash in the near future.


One thing that I would suggest to everyone, no matter what you study, is to join a society. Like seriously, there are hundreds of societies from Tea and Hogwards Societies to Creative Writing and Debate Societies. First year is the perfect opportunity to get out of your shell and try crazy new things. I had the coolest time by joining the Viewfinders Filmmaking Society and met so many peope that we shared the same interest in film. A lot of societies have free taster sessions (like the dance or sport ones so you can try them out and they thow some serious bar crawls and initiation stuff (last year I saw guys wearing tutus as part of their initiation for a sports team, fun times). So yeah join a society.

P.S. Oh Captain, my Captain (Rest in Peace R.Williams)


I have three things to say about your academic excellence. First go to your lectures, even if it's a 9am one, even if it's boring, getting good notes from someone else might be tricky and the best way to get notes you understand is by writing them yourself. Secondly, use the library! Some of your tuition fees go towards the library so why not taking advantage of it? It's a great place to study, find information and books, have study groups at the social area and what not. I spend a lot of time there as my mind considered it the ''workplace''. I coud not concetrate on studying in my room but library was a great enviroment with not many distarctions. Finally, an advice everyone will probably give you and everyone you will ignore, is don't leave your essay for last minute. Yeap, that's the one. I heard it many times before I came to uni and many times whilst at uni and it took me till the end of the year to finally follow it. Oh how many sleepless night and green teas have I had that year, and yeah it's no fun... Unless you find a essay buddy and exchange last minute essay writing tips whilst drinking tea on the hall way and trying not to fall asleep standing, while saying how this is the last time. It never is. Even with a buddy , no still not a good idea, I cried on my buddy's shoulder when my essay was accientaly deleted cause the system crashed 3 hours before the deadline. The earlier you plan it the easier it will be. Just by setting a goal of 200 words each day, then a week before your deadline it will be easier to put everything together and edit what you like and don't.


Let me tell you a fact. By month two of your life as a student 75% of your meals will be pasta. Unless you're planing on spending  a small fortune on takeaways or ready meals (which let's be honest is not that healthy) you need to learn to cook a few things, besides pasta that is. Ask your mum for a few easy recipies, get a cookbook or search online for some recipes (I got a few on this blog). You never know, you might end up enjoying it.


There are a lot of things I could tell you but at the end of the day you'll need to figure them out on your own. My last advice would be to enjoy it. As much as you can.It's a new adventure in your life and you have the opportunity to embrace it. You are at this moment as young as you ever going to be. So have fun, work hard and enjoy it.


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