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Since I started studying Film at uni a lot of things I do relate to film. Even my  travel diary. So i'll start a travel series of posts about cities that have some sort of relation to film. This being the first one.

A few weeks ago I travelled to Bruges, a small city of Belgium, where 'In Bruges' was filmed. I really enjoyed the film and I loved the town. Throughout the film the main character Ray (played by Colin Farrell) is complaining that Bruges is boring. And truth be told if you want excitement and adventure Bruges is not the right place to go. It is such a small place that there isn't much to do besides the museums (which to be fair are quite a lot for the size of it) so if you decide to go there, I would suggest don't exceed the five days (that's for how long I went) or combine your travel by visiting another city (Brussels maybe?). Even so, Bruges was the perfect place for me to have a few days off and enjoy myself with the company of some good friends. Here are some photographs of my travel and some must see places.

Rozenhoedkaai - One of the most photographed spots in Bruges

This is the oldest Pub of Bruges. It opened in 1515 and is still standing. It is worth going in for a beer in a sunny afternoon and sit in the terrace. Maybe even have a chat with the owners?

There are a lot of museums and galaries in Bruges and they are worth paying a visit. I got a travel card that costs 48 euros and is valid for 72 hours. This gives you entrance to most museums without any additional fees, plus a travel guide. We got to visit the gallery with work of Picasso (above), Salvador Dali, a River Tour and musems such as the oldest Brewery where went through the process of making a beer. That one was my favourite visit I would say, even though I 'm not a huge fan of beer, because we got to learn the history of the place as well, which was very interesting.

Just some dwarfs. #AccidentalSelfie

'T Zwart Huis - A restaurant/bar, great to go for a dinner or a drink in the evening, the atmosphere is dazzling. They have Jazz nights with live music, talk about good entertaiment.

In Bruges you can't be a bad photographer.

We happened to walk by a vintage fair near the river. It was wonderful to see so many old things that looked so beautiful. You can find great deals and every item is very well kept. There are also small photographs that are black and white, sold for 50 cents, great little souvenir to take home.

On top of the Belfry tower (366 steps up) where the climax of the 'In Bruges' took place.

Bruges is filled with picturesque streets to walk or bike in.

A river tour is worth it, great way to see the sights and to find things out that the guide book won't necesseraly tell you.

So many sweet and chocolate shops! It is like the chocolate heaven! Browse around to see where you can find the best prices. As a chocolate addict I have to say that yes, the chocolate in Bruges is amazing. Don't miss a visit at the Chocolate Museum as well, you'll get to see how chocolate is made and try some as well ;)

The hotel where Ray, the main character and his friend stayed.

Here is the video I edited of the trip.


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