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Dear bellas,

I am very excited to share this with you. Last week I went to see Ed Sheeran at the O2 and it was great. I have to say since last year that I bought the ticket my excitement in seeing him went downhill. I didn't really enjoyed his new album 'X' as much as I did the previous ones, and his popularity I have to say started to annoy me. I know that's a mean thing to say and I should probably be supportive but I can't help of feeling a bit sad and nostalgic of the old good days when he first came up on the music scene.
My friend rightly pointed out though, that that's how it is in this industry and no matter what, most artists that become this famous end up selling out a bit. Not because it's necessery their fault, unfortunately everything is run by the record companies and the managers that try to do the 'best' for their clients. And I just felt like that's what has been happening to Ed lately as well. The pop tunes in his new album, the models adverts and trying to make him look all handsome and cute in his music videos (Thinking out loud) for the sake of fangirling (and btw well done record labels it's working.) And you would say what's wrong with that? Maybe nothing, maybe I'm crazy. But it has been bothering me a bit, cause Ed is one of the few artists I really liked and had nothing to do with how he looked or dressed or who he hang out with , it was all about the music.

Nonetheless, I went to the concert, cause I paid for the ticket and it was my friends birthday and I wanted to make it great as it's been something we were planning for a year now. We waited for 3-4 hours queuing for the doors to open. there were loads of people already waiting when we got there but thankfully we weren't that behind in the queue. There were loads of teenage girls wearing 'X' tshirts or other merchendise, but suprisingly there were a lot of guys as well. I have to say I started getting excited a bit before the doors open. The O2 was very big and I was amazed that it was filled a couple of hours later with hundreds of people.

The opening act named 'Saint Raymond' wasn't too bad, I have to give probs to the guitarist who seemed to enjoy it a lot. Then we had to wait a bit longer for Ed to come out. I got a bit annoyed cause my back was hurting like hell from all the standing and we had to wait like 25 mins just for a two mics to be set up.

Then Ed came up on the stage and started singing one of the new songs (that's how'll i refer to every song on 'X'). And yeah, I got excited. Firstly, he is so more handsome in real life than on TV. Secondly, i couldn't believe he was there. You have to understand when I first started liking his music, a few years back, I was not in the best place of my life. There were things I wanted to change and things I wanted to do. Like study in England, get away from my house, make films and go to hs concert. All those things seemed impossible and so far away, I mean Ed wouldn't come to Greece for a concert would he? Anyway, when I saw him on the stage I remembered those things, and I felt proud. Cause I am studying in England and making films and going to his concert. When  he was singing 'The A Team' at one point, I was trying very hard not to burst into tears cause that was the first song I heard of his and my favourite till this day. It seems like yesterday when I was sitting infront of my laptob watching a video of that song and thinking 'How much would I love to see this one live?'.

So yeah, the concert was good. Not amazing in terms of concert i have to say. I'm not sure what it was but there was something missing, maybe it needed a bit more engegment with the audience. But Ed was very good, he is very talanted (and awesome at rapping!) I know he loves what he's doing, I could tell from his performance. And it is amazing how a boy with just a guitar can fill up such a big stadium full of fans (and make them propose to each other) and make them sing along to his songs (even the new ones). I had a great time even though I am nugging and I would love to see him live again.

Here's a short video I edited of his concert.

Till next time!


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