The Moon & Me.

   Two nights ago something beautifully strange happened to me. It was past midnight and i was coming back from my friends house. It was cold and a bit windy as the  winter slowly awakes. I turned left into Cherry Road, a few steps away from my house and suddenly I noticed something. There were no lights on the street but it was bright. Not daylight bright but quite bright for a usually pitch black scenery. I looked up and I noticed the moon. And I stopped walking. I couldn't walk for a while, I felt i was bewitched. I looked at the colour of the sky and the formation of the clouds. It was like heavens opened up and i felt so small but so unique to be able to witness that. I didn't feel cold anymore,  or tired or worried. I felt peace. I started walking again,  slowly making my way to the house while keeping my eyes on it. I realised how quite all the streets were and how i have been walking in the middle of cherry road, with not a soul around, just me and the moon.  I felt like turning back and go on this journey again but it seemed pointless. You can't relive something so unique, you can't force it. Then I was outside my door.

P.S. I just felt like sharing it with you guys. Sometimes we have some moments in life that seem so insignificant, so romanticised that they don't seem to be real, this only happens in the films we say, but the truth is there are moments like that we just need to embrace them.


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Meet the Author
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