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Hello my beauties!  Hope you are enjoying the holidays. Today is New Year's Eve as we all know. The last week probably a few of you have been setting new goals and new years resolutions. Something most of us do every year, either it's losing weight, or staying in touch with someone, travelling or doing something creative. Sometimes we do keep these promises to ourselves and sometimes not so much (giving up after a week). What I'm here to tell you is, that it is ok.

We are constanly in a fight with ourselves, trying to be great and do great things and prove to others and us that we can do things and be the person we want to be.  And whenever we fail to achieve these goals and keep these promises, we beat ourselves down. Like it was the last chane for us to make it happen. Like we missed the last train. But most of the time, there is another train that we can catch, another chance to fail or succeed. We get another chance every day. Not only New Years or your birthday, but this very moment you are reading this, this is your chance.

If there is one new year's relsolution you should make it's to not stop trying and seaze the chance you have every minute. If you do give up, don't wait a year to start again. You can have a clean slate now.

Happy New Year!!



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Meet the Author
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