Super Healthy Smoothie

Recipe this Tuesday! Before New Year's I started eating more healthy, because last term at Uni I was eating very unhealthy and snacking on whatever I found available, because of my schedule. So i decided to follow a healthier lifestyle and hopefully will manage to maintain it while the new term starts.

So here is a super easy delicious smoothie recipe that is very healthy and easy to make.

What you'll need:

There isn't an exact amount that you have to put of each as the final quantity you want may vary. What I do is take a big glass and put the ingridients in it and judge how much of each I want , like here:

Then pure some almond milk and a bit of water and blend it on the blender or smoothie maker. You are looking for a creamy texture, not too solid or too watery. The frozen fruits help for the texture to be like that, so you can buy fresh fruits and store them in the freezer for your smoothies.

So I hope you enjyed the recipe and the smoothie! If you have other smoothie recipes let me know, I'm trying to explore different recipes and tastes. If you do make it send me a pick, you can tweet me as well!



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Meet the Author
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